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Basic DUI Information in Washington State

DUI, or Driving Under the Influence, is a serious offense given to individuals suspected to be driving while intoxicated. Those who are charged with the offense of DUI are arrested by law enforcement and placed in jail where a bail amount is set. The offender may post the bail, or remain behind bars until the […]

Motorcycle Accident Information in San Diego

Motorcyclists are completely exposed to injury. There aren’t any crumple zones, seat belts or air bags to protect riders. When their bodies are propelled from an impact, the only things that stop motorcyclists are other vehicles, stationary objects or the pavement. Sometimes those other vehicles even run over motorcyclists. According to the National Highway Transportation […]

Workplace Injury Information in Tacoma Washington

Federal law requires all states to have some worker’s compensation insurance program that applies specifically when individuals are injured while on the job. Washington is one of the few states that have chosen to keep the state program within the control of the government instead of totally privatizing protection for employees working within the state […]