Basic DUI Information in Washington State

DUI, or Driving Under the Influence, is a serious offense given to individuals suspected to be driving while intoxicated. Those who are charged with the offense of DUI are arrested by law enforcement and placed in jail where a bail amount is set. The offender may post the bail, or remain behind bars until the scheduled court appearance.

Washington State DUI Laws

Drivers over 21-years of age are considered driving under the influence when they register a BAC, or Blood Alcohol Content, of .08% or greater. As an implied consent state, drivers are required to take the BAC test is suspected of driving under the influence. Refusal to complete the BAC test results in one-year driver’s license suspension as well as fines.

If you’re charged with DUI, the following consequences will occur:

1st Offense: Minimum 24-hours to 1-year in jail; Fines of $865- $5,000; License Suspension of 90-days to 1-year; Completion of IID Program

2nd Offense: Minimum 30 days to 1-year in jail; $1,1250 – $5000 fines; 2 years – 900 days License Suspension; Completion of IID Program

3rd Offense: Minimum 90 days to 1-year in jail; $1,970 – $5,000 fines; 3 – 4 years License Suspension; Completion of IID Program

Additionally, your name is forever tarnished with a DUI conviction on your criminal record. Anyone who accesses your criminal record is free to see the charge, and in doing so, may opt to deny you employment, housing rental, etc., or simply look at you differently than they otherwise would.

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It’s always best to avoid getting behind the wheel of a vehicle if you’ve had even one alcoholic beverage.

Why You Need a Washington DUI Lawyer

Rather than head to court and hope for the best, speaking with a Washington state DUI lawyer is beneficial. A DUI lawyer may help get the charge reduced or dismissed and certainly provides assurance when it is most needed. An attorney may also reduce the penalties in conviction cases. DUI attorney in Vancouver, Washington offers free consultations to discuss your case. There’s no obligation to hire the attorney, but with the consultation, you gain a better understanding of DUI laws and the best steps to take in your case.